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//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Attention all you David Crawford fans, followers and supporters…here are some of his positions, via his MySpace page:

  David Crawford for School Board at Large Crawford on the Issues:

Our school board is responsible for overseeing the education of our children – yet a majority of the current board shifted power and responsibility to the superintendent and arrogantly ignores the desires of parents, teachers, and taxpayers. I don’t think there is any doubt that we need fresh leadership on the school board.

Leadership :Good leadership means more than having a direction to go in. That direction must be rooted in the people that make up our County. First, we must have effective communication and community involvement during the decision making process. The school system affects everyone in this County. I honestly believe that there are enough smart people in our schools, governments, businesses, local colleges, etc. to solve our toughest challenges. Second, we must be accessible to our citizens. We are their elected advocates. We should listen to and represent our constituents very well.

School Calendars :Our kids go to school 180 days or two 90-day semesters. If you start school in mid-August and simply take the traditional holidays, you can finish the semester just before Christmas. I think this makes sense. An earlier start date chips away at a family’s summer, and a later start creates an unnatural carry-over of the first semester into January. I do not support the concept of year-round school that our former superintendent promoted.

Taxes :I do not believe that that the school board should raise taxes to balance the budget now or in the future. I do believe that SPLOST is essential and a fairer way to raise revenue. As long as our county continues to grow, we must continue to add new schools and renovate our existing ones. Our kids deserve a healthy learning environment.


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E.C. )


15 Responses

  1. Mr. Crawford,

    I’m afraid that you might not understand some of this state’s laws.

    1. There is a state law that says that school cannot start earlier than August 25 and must end by June 10. Your idea of starting school in mid-August cannot happen unless the law changes.

    2. The School Board CANNOT raise taxes. They have no taxing authority.

    I think I know who I’ll be supporting in this election.

  2. David’s ideas sound good to you, Eric? Too bad he lifted them without attribution from someone else’s web site.

  3. Oops!

    I’ve not yet met Mr. Crawford and I’m not criticizing him. You, the voters, will make the decision on who will best serve our children. I just put what he had to say out there, I report, you decide 🙂

    There’s a candidate forum on April 15 at Northern Guilford H.S., and let’s lay all the issues on the table then.

  4. I get where you are coming from, Erik, and there is no way you could have known before writing your post, but education and plagiarism don’t go together.

  5. Roch,

    Thanks for sharing that tidbit with the rest of us. I agree with you. School board members must set the example for the students and David Crawford just received OSS for his action.

  6. OSS–that’s just a little slap on the wrist and back to class in this county!

  7. For your reading pleasure, follow this link:

  8. Hilarious!

  9. The guy even lies about his age!!!–weird…

  10. I myself am sick of crawford & Jay Ovittore news both! both are old news and so is this crap, get a life people

  11. ha ha ha man you all need to get out of the house some, no one cares about this shit but people who dont have a life or are computer news freaks, call the cops i see a nut and it you, get a life and grow up!

  12. I go to GTCC in Jamestown. For fun me and 5 People went to the early voting location in JamesTown, We went from 11 a.m. till 2 a.m. we ask people who thay was voting for, 79 % of the people we ask said Crawford!You know if he wins with that high of a turn over it would be no way any one but him could win!

  13. Sorry but i cant vote for Huey due to out of the 5 Huey is the only one posting trash on someone in the same party, in fact you know the party has put out crawford sings but not Huey sings and thats all facts! also if you look at the high point partys office in your might be shocked to see crawford sings is in there windows and no Hueys! also did you know alot of the kids at gtcc put up crawford stuff in jamestown, sorry Huey your a joke! also crawford ran a ad in the jamestown paper you Huey did not, crawford ran a ad in the adams farms paper you Huey did not! he also ran a ad in yes weekly and again Huey did not! so if you ask me your Huey are a Joke!

  14. sorry but i just went to myspace and crawford so call page has no info on it but a stander myspace! your full of shit dude

  15. I am a member of the gop of high point & after this junk you posted on crawford I total turn a back to you, did you know in fact crawford yard sings was in both gop windows at the offices when you posted this crap. alot in the gop think your a dem party member. that was total dume on your part! you know may 5th me and 15 young gop memebers place out at the polls crawford idems (but non of yours) due to the 16 of us picked not to do so due to this trashing you did!.sorry if some one is wrong in the same party you are in is wrong tell them dont trash them & dont call the news! you know crawford was 3rd even after this junk news, doing this crap killed your run!

    law #2 Gop never turns on Gop in a race < PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN said that years ago!

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