Virtual Town-Hall Meeting was a Success

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. If you missed our first Virtual Town-Hall Meeting & Campaign Web-Chat last night, you missed a treat. In fact, the web-chat surpassed my expectations.

The only glitch in the software was when I attempted to archive the chat and I missed setting up one of the parameters correctly, so about the first 15 or 20 minutes or so of the chat was not recorded…but the rest was, and you can find the chat-log by clicking here.

We had about nine citizens and supporters online last night, including a retired teacher and parents. We also took in monetary pledges and donations last night as well.

Discussion topics ranged from the superintendent search to the Bonds, discipline in our schools, even a discussion on block scheduling.

Here’s a short sample:

mom: How do you feel about block vs. traditional scheduling?

erikhuey: good question, mom…i hate blocks

erikhuey: For a brand new teacher, it is hard to learn how to teachg on the block

mom: On that, you and I agree 100%

erikhuey: many children are unsettled for a 90 minute period of time

erikhuey: with a 50- minute traditional schedule, the day moves quicker, and more electives could be squeezed in

erikhuey: Remember, Page and Western just switched back to traditional from blocks


I also broke some news last night. In addition to this website reaching the 40,000 visitor mark a few days ago, we have received the support of High Point realtor Ed Price. He sent in a very nice donation as well. In personally thanking him, he expressed his concerns about the education and conditions at Andrews H.S., where his children attend school.

I said last night that this was significant because as many of you know, outgoing Board member Dot Kearns is a realtor.

So thank you again for joining us last night. We will almost certainly do it again right before the primary so stay tuned for more information.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

E.C. )


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