It’s a well-defined campaign now

After back-to-back forums both Monday evening and again last night, the race for School Board at-large is now well-defined. And it turns out Sandra Alexander is NOT the chosen one…more on that in a moment.


Last night’s forum at Northern Guilford H.S. featured nearly-all of the candidates (McKinney was not in attendance), and the two Dist. 3 candidates, incumbent Darlene Garrett and challenger Mike Stone, whose race will be in November.

CBS-2’s Jay Rickerts moderated the forum in front of a crowd of about 50 people, including parents, volunteers, community leaders and assembled media, including the N&R, The NW Observer and the Rhino.

Last night’s questions ranged from what to do about safety and discipline in our schools to our thoughts in the superintendent search. The bond issue, the achievement gap, even how many school board meetings each candidate had attended were among other questions.

Your humble host participated. I think I did well.

On the eve of early voting (which begins tomorrow), I think the chances look very good at this point.


Meanwhile, Monday’s evening’s forum was actually a group candidate interview in front of the High Point’s Roundtable PAC (Bruce Davis and Joe Alston’s group) for a possible endorsement. Very similar questions and all were in attendance. Very Simkins-esque.


At-large candidate Michael McKinney is the chosen one.

It was rumored during the filing period that outgoing Board member Dot Kearns handpicked someone to file to “fill her seat.” Originally, it was suspected that Sandra Alexander was that individual. But after last night’s forum, a supporter went up and asked her if she was, and she answered no.

Now it makes sense, actually, seeing as though Kearns is a realtor and has developer-ties, that she would “select” McKinney.  McKinney and I have shared small talk as of late and he’s a bright individual. A sharp fellow. I respect his accomplishments as a banker in the community. But his ties to the local developer community are of concern to me. He sits on the Guilford Co. Planning Board and is an executive board member of TREBIC. In my opinion, we need to get the developers out of GCS entirely. GCS needs to concentrate on educating children. Will he continue to serve on the Planning Board along side the School Board if he’s elected? There are a lot of questions that arise, and if we’re the two finalists after May 6, hopefully, they can be answered.

And after last night, I think the Huey for Guilford School Board grass-roots campaign has a very good shot at making the finals.

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E.C. )


3 Responses

  1. thanks erik for the heads up on Michael Mc Kinney being a member of the TREBIC CARTEL. If you want to add cartel to TREBIC when you talk about them is better because their influence on boards, commissions and council seats in Guilford COunty is getting out of hand and it needs to stop.

  2. Dot was always supported by these “machines” so it makes sense that her choice of candidate will also be supported by one. They know they can’t run on their own merit like the grass-roots EC so they have to employ their under-handed means of getting elected. Our school board is in desperate need of a down-to-earth person like Eric who doesn’t depend on “old” money to win. I wish you luck, Eric!

  3. Erik, In Tuesdays forum you proved that you are the No.1 choice for the At large seat!

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