Campaign Update for April 25

1. Early Voting

More early voting sites to open up beginning tomorrow. Click here to find out where they are and what times. Click here for a sample ballot from the Board of Elections.

News reports suggest early voting traffic is running at a steady clip. Drop us a line if you have voted already and what the experience was like.

2. Battle of the Signs

Here in the “southland” (Jamestown, High Point, W. Wendover Ave. area), it seems to be a battle of the Huey vs. McKinney signs, and rumors are swirling across Guilford County suggesting such a matchup in the fall versus both of us, who by the way are two local political unknowns. I’m flattered at the suggestion, but it’s way too early to speculate such a matchup. Let you, the voters, speak between now and May 6 and then we’ll start talking. In the meantime, if I haven’t yet contacted you to give you your sign that you requested, you will be contacted for your address.

3. Donations.

By the way, those signs of mine are all supported with your donations and love offerings. If we feel the need, we can go with another run. But it will take your help. Remember, this campaign is 100% grass-roots supported. Click on the icon below to make your donation today. It takes less than two minutes. To download a sign for your car, bulletin boards (especially those bulletin boards inside those teachers lounges), click here to download yours, print it out, and post it prominently and proudly.

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