Co-Cos Thumb Their Noses at the Schools

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(Rhino Times)

Another year…another GCS budget that’s DOA with the County Commissioners.

Apparently, that’s the sentiment among some on the County Board. Here we go again.

N&R Excerpt:

The school district is proposing a $650 million spending plan. About a third of that —$180.9 million — would come from Guilford County.

The schools budget, as originally submitted by Co-Superintendents Sharon Ozment and Eric Becoats, includes a $15.8 million increase in local spending. About half of that would go to pay higher salaries local officials think the state will require.

Schools asked for the same increase last year. They received about $8 million, which is the increase some commissioners say Guilford schools will see in the 2008-09 budget.

“They’d be lucky if they get half of that in this budget,” said Republican Commissioner Billy Yow of the school board request.

Departments asking for more than what they want or expect is nothing new.

“I’ve been on the board for 15 years, and every year they come in with double the amount that they really need,” Democrat Melvin “Skip” Alston said.

Alston anticipates cuts to be spread across all departments in the 2008-09 county budget.

“I’m calling for no salary increase for employees,” he said.

Of eight commissioners reached Thursday, all said they don’t expect the school board’s request to be fully funded.


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E.C. )


6 Responses

  1. Erik, I have read your comments with interest for a while now.
    One question, don’t you live in the Adams Farm area?

  2. Yes I do.

  3. I just thank God you live in Guilford County and that you care about our students. Thank you for running for the School Board. You deserve to win.

  4. Erik,

    You really do deserve to win! You will be a great asset for our children.

    I saw one of your signs the other day. V.nice!

  5. You received two votes for At-Large today in early voting, as my wife and I voted for you. Best wishes. We need someone with some common sense on the school board.

  6. Mr. Huey,
    I look forward to meeting you soon and good luck with your campaign.
    What is your take on the signs being flashed by 11 and 12 year old students from Pilot Elementary shown at…

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