Huey Courts Peacemaker Readers

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Recently, I was e-mailed a set of campaign questions from the Carolina Peacemaker. Herein are my responses. Click here for a link to the story and see what the other candidates had to say:

Erik Huey

Please list your family members:
Wife, Jennifer; daughter, Alexandra (7)

Where were you born and raised?
Chicago, IL

How long have you been a Greensboro resident?
On and off since 2000.

What is your school background?
B.A., media communications (Governors State University, 1997)

What is your professional background?

Former journalist, former PR professional, former GCS teacher

Why would you make a good school board member?
I’m running for this office to restore the power of this seat rightfully to the children of Guilford County. As we are celebrating a golden moment for Guilford County Schools (with three seats being turned over on the Board and a new superintendent), we cannot let this moment slip away. From the new superintendent search to saving arts/music education, from the safety and security of our children and our teachers to being more fiscally responsible with taxpayer money, from lowering the dropout rate to raising achievement levels among all students, from building fiscally-responsible schools to providing whistle-blowing protection for teachers, our board needs new leadership to deal with these issues. I look forward to providing this new progressive leadership our taxpayers deserve.

How will your candidacy best serve the African American community?
It is important that we focus on student achievement, lowering the dropout rate, increasing the graduation rate and putting as much resources, manpower, and supplies into ALL of our schools, but particularly our schools that serve a predominately African American student population. All of our children can succeed and all of our schools can succeed.


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