Crawford Supporters Sound Off

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Some David Crawford fans and supporters have visited this site in the last few days…I welcome you all.

One of them wrote this e-mail to me:

Sir, I go to GTCC in Jamestown. For fun me and 5 People went to the early voting location in JamesTown, We went from 11 a.m. till 2 a.m. we ask people who thay was voting for, 79 % of the people we ask said Crawford!You know if he wins with that high of a turn over it would be no way any one but him could win! As you know Crawford had over 1500 last year for his city council run so 10 to 1 the same people will vote for him this year! Crawford run last year so there is not a person who will not vote who dose not know his name unlike the 4 in the run also. Due to this Crawford looks to be the top dog out of the 5 in the run for School board.

I reposted this letter from “GTCC Mike” as I received it, unedited.

Now here’s my response to this message…and I’ll direct you to an excerpt from an article in the Rhino Times from this past Friday:

Crawford made a series of fairly odd, rambling presentations in which he hit on some favorite themes, including unionizing teachers, which is illegal in North Carolina, and extending the hours of school libraries.

“I’m kind of new to politics, on and off,” said Crawford, in reference to his so-far unsuccessful hobby of running for public office. Crawford filed last year to run for the Greensboro City Council but dropped out of that race and announced his intention to run for 6th District Congressman Howard Coble’s seat and for City Council in 2009.

Crawford’s public utterances so far have induced cringes in the other candidates who have shared the stage with him. They included a statement at the Northern High forum that it is sometimes necessary to hit children.

Crawford’s candidacy, already of questionable seriousness because of his on-again, off-again performance in the City Council race, further disintegrated recently when local blogger Roch Smith Jr. wrote that parts of Crawford’s position paper for the school board race were lifted verbatim from the website of Cobb County, Georgia school board member John Crooks. Crawford blamed the duplication on a mistake by a former campaign worker.


The Rhino’s words, not mine.

Mr. Crawford’s a nice guy, and I’m happy you’re supporting him. I wish him well next Tuesday. But the voters will speak next week.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

E.C. )


10 Responses

  1. Crawford has supporters? …..Well which seat do they want him to win?? He has run for just about every vacant seat and has mentioned even running for Coble’s seat. How serious of a candidate can he be when it seems his goal is to win any vacant seat available?

    Crawford is not here for our children at all. If he was, he would have been at school board meetings, forums, etc. advocating for our kids a long time ago. I can name only ONE current candidate that has done that and is continuing to do that. There is only ONE candidate that has the children as their first priority–at least in the At-Large race. And I’m talking about YOU Erik Huey.

    The other At-large candidates came out of nowhere when Dot went looking for a replacement. YOU on the other hand have been here in the trenches with us for the last several years. YOU are the only one that deserves to win this at-large race.

    Most people laugh when I mention the name “Crawford”. If he has supporters I’d like to meet them. I need a good laugh.

  2. Beth,

    I agree with you.

    Huey in 2008!!!

  3. CTCC Mike wouldn’t know a school if he accidentally entered one. Where did he get his education, Guilford County Schools? Do you think that GTCC Mike is an alter ego for Mr. Crawford?

  4. By the way, Erik, what do you think of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speech last night? He said that all African American students are right brained and auditory learners, while European American students are left brained and visual learners. So, are we to believe then that there are global genetic differences between races in terms of learning styles? It’s true that different people have different preferred learning styles, but those differences are race-based? If he is right, then does that call for students to be separated by race for educational purposes so that students can be taught and learn in their preferred style?

  5. Stormy,

    I didn’t hear the Rev. Wright’s socio-psychobabble last night, but must have been standing behind the door when learning styles were passed out, for while decidedly white, I am and have always been an auditory learner. I was constantly being berated for not listening when I would gaze out the window . . . and then be able to repeat the previous five minutes’ conversation verbatim, much to the surprise of the teacher.

  6. Jack,

    I am no expert, but Wright’s comments were generally accurate regarding right brain/left brain as it relates to learning styles, but his generalization that “all” African (black) American children are right brain, and “all” European (white) American children are left brain is just hooey. When he said that black children learn just fine by listening to hip hop lyrics, he lost me entirely. He took a basic scientific theory and turned it into a racial matter.

  7. Mr. Wright is all wrong. He needs to talk to Deena Hayes. According to her, black children learn best when they sit next to white children. I think that is humiliating to our black population but take it up with Deena if you don’t agree.

  8. The biggest concern that Deena Hayes has is how much school money can be directed to CoMor.

  9. Stormy, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have some fundamental disagreements with Wright’s sentiments. Not to mention, he’s trying to make some sweeping generalizations…you can’t.

  10. Stormy,

    I was trying to point out that Rev. Wright’s racial intellectual profiling was off base . . . not that research hasn’t shown the right/brain-left/brain differences.

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