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This earlier in the month, via a response to a March posting on Greensboro Politics:

V Martin on April 5th, 2008 6:53 pm

I have watched Mr. Huey’s campaign strategy for almost a year. I do not see him as a principaled candidate or leader. His tactics are inflammatory and reactionary. Whenever there is a controversial issue that is as complex and as diverse as there are people in Guilford County, he fans the flames. Prior to Garth Hebert coming on the board, the school board kept their disagreements and differences candid and face to face, the honorable way. Garth resorts to getting stroked by the residents of an underground network of people with little or no alternatives to filter their frustrations and lack of control over their own lives. I find it very difficult to respect Mr. Huey’s approach. He will have to get along with others, be willing to be wrong and open to new information……Something he cleary cannot do. He lacks political maturity and just doesn;t seem like the kind of candidate that our commuity needs at this time.


I’m inflammatory…that’s a new one.

See whenever I’ve received mail and messages like this in the past (I still get them periodically) and I have attempted to engage in dialogue with the writers of these letters, they would never want to write back or have a conversation with me direct.

If anything, I think my stances have been proactive because for too long, our School Board has been reactive.

V. Martin attacks “an underground network of people…who exhibit a lack of control over their own lives.” That’s quite a low-blow to attack these individuals who you don’t even know…many of whom are parents, teachers and citizens who are concerned about public education in Guilford County. And thank God for progressive sitting school board members who have the courage to put our children first above all else.

V. Martin says: “He will have to get along with others, be willing to be wrong and open to new information.” How do you know I’m incapable of doing just that? You attack me on a blog, yet you don’t know me, you don’t know what kind of person I am or the person I’m capable of. I think if you will accept my offer to meet you in person over coffee, I think I will change your mind.

V. Martin says: “He lacks political maturity and just doesn;t seem like the kind of candidate that our commuity needs at this time.” Politics have no place on our elected school board, therefore on the contrary, I think I’m exactly the right kind of individual our Board needs at this time.

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E.C. )


4 Responses

  1. “Politics have no place on our elected school board, therefore on the contrary, I think I’m exactly the right kind of individual our Board needs at this time.”

    AMEN E.C.! That’s why you have my vote and I’m proud to display your campaign sign in my yard. Your candidacy is all about improving public education in Guilford County, not satisfying political ambition or furthering a political career.

    As far as the “inflammatory” remark goes, I beg to differ. It’s been my experience that you argue the issues. Sometimes those issues involve candidates or board members who need to be called out, and that’s fair game in my book. The public is demanding and deserves more transparency from our elected officials.

    Before I decided to vote for you I posed a question here about being pro-bond now that GCS leadership and the BOE are changing. You respectfully disagreed and explained your position in detail and even provided websites. I appreciated your civility and you earned my vote.

    I also take offense with the “underground network” comment. I am a parent, a classroom volunteer and a PTA chairperson. I have personally and respectfully addressed the Board of Education in speeches and written communication. I read blogs and websites in addition to newspapers and magazines to be an informed citizen. Blogs and websites are merely public forums not underground networks, and it’s always beneficial for elected officials and candidates to participate in public forums.

  2. I left the following comment on the Greensboro Politics site. Because it was held for moderation, I’ve decided to reproduce it here, too. Your response to the commenter was excellent – and in an ironic twist, principled!


    First, it’s “principled,” not “principaled.”

    But even spelled properly, I can’t say that I agree – Mr. Huey’s campaign website has, for some time now, been an open, honest exposition of his values and how they would bring something new, as well as specific, positive changes, to the Guilford schools. If every political candidate committed to such disciplined, comfortable honesty, we’d all be better off.

    And, as someone who uses their full name as their URL – like Huey does – I hasten to point out that it’s simply untrue to suggest that there is some sinister cabal in the web-works here – and the domain name proves it. As you’ve put it, “an underground network of people” isn’t terribly underground when every reader, both casual and committed, sees a name at the top of the page. The desire for accountability and the confidence that comes with so openly attaching one’s name to public statements is a rarity on the internet and is even more rare in public education. I commend Huey for this.

    Whereas you, V. Martin, and the rest of the voters are quite free to support – or not support – whomever you choose, I do hope that you’ll come to your conclusions honestly. Disingenuous, manufactured vitriol is no way to go about things.

    Matthew K. Tabor
    Education for the Aughts

  3. Erik,

    Martin’s letter sounds much like letters that I have seen criticizing Trudy Wade, Mary Rakestraw, and Mike Barber on the Greensboro city Council. They have been called radical and troubemakers on a council that is traditionally very congenial and cooperative. Well, guess what? Both the Greensboro City Council and the School Board need shaking-up and change. The School Board has been a disaster for many years, spending our tax dollars foolishly, with no improvement in education. Getting Grier outta here was just a good start. Now, let’s remake the board and get some responsible and intelligent people there. Now, that would really be a positive move “for the children”.

  4. Interesting – the original post and comments are gone.

    Any reason why?

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