Huey’s Campaign Endorsed by the Rhino Times…Thank You!

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. DEVELOPING…we just learned of our endorsement today by the Rhino Times of Greensboro. This is a very big deal!

In today’s edition hitting the streets as we speak, editor John Hammer says the following:

There is only one Guilford County Board of Education seat on the ballot and it is the at-large seat currently held by Dot Kearns. School board races are nonpartisan, which means it is on everyone’s ballot. There are five candidates in the race, and we think Erik Huey is the best choice. He has been a teacher and a journalist and is completely committed to getting a seat on the school board. Huey has some good ideas about improving education and has actually been in front of a class. He taught at Andrews H.S. in High Point when it was like being on the front lines. He is committed to making a change for the better in education and realizes that what the schools are currently doing isn’t working…if you want someone to shake up the school board, Huey is the man for the job.

I’m very humble to accept the endorsement of a newspaper that continuously focuses on the citizens and taxpayers of Guilford County.

Week after week, the Rhino is there to highlight and spotlight the issues affecting your wallets and pocketbooks. From county government to our schools to city council, the Rhino has been a consistent watchdog in that regard.

I thank John Hammer and Paul Clark and the entire Rhino Times staff for this extremely important endorsement. I’m honored for your support and your confidence in me to put our children first above all else.

Thank you again.

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E.C. )


7 Responses

  1. Sorry but i cant vote for Huey due to out of the 5 Huey is the only one posting trash on someone in the same party, in fact you know the party has put out crawford sings but not Huey sings and thats all facts! also if you look at the high point partys office in your might be shocked to see crawford sings is in there windows and no Hueys! also did you know alot of the kids at gtcc put up crawford stuff in jamestown, sorry Huey your a joke! also crawford ran a ad in the jamestown paper you Huey did not, crawford ran a ad in the adams farms paper you Huey did not! he also ran a ad in yes weekly and again Huey did not! so if you ask me your Huey are a Joke!

  2. Mr. Sam,

    Eric Huey doesn’t need your vote. He has run a positive campaign and the only “trash” that I see posted on his site is what Huey has copy and pasted from Mr. Crawfords own site! It’s too bad that your candidate’s campaign must stoop to the level of inflammatory words. We’ll see who the joke is in just a few days.

    Also, Sam, I’m sorry your candidate has NEVER won a single race of the MANY that he’s run in. I think it’s evident that the he just wants a title and has no concern for Guilford county’s children. This Board seat he’s currently seeking is on the school board–he is aware of that, right? I know it must get confusing for him with all the previous campaigns.

    Good luck EC Huey!! We ALL know you are there for the kids. I think that is resounding across the county quite nicely. Also kudos to the Rhino for endorsing you. I’m guessing Sam doesn’t read the Rhino.

    GO EC!

  3. Considering the poor spelling and grammar of Sam’s post, which is eerily similar to David Crawford’s style, I’d say that Sam is just Crawford’s alter ego, and to be ignored. Crawford is one of the least qualified and most incompetent candidates for elected office that I have ever seen, and that speaks volumes. “sings”? Speaking of jokes for a candidate. This cheap personal attack is emblematic of David Crawford’s campaign. “Emblematic”. Look it up, Crawford. It’s in the dictionary. If you do not own one, go the the public library.

    Go for it Erik, you have a lot of support from people.

  4. The Rhino’s stock just went up in my estimation because of their prudent endorsement of E.C. Huey.

    Crawford supporters please keep posting! Every word you write digs a deeper hole for your candidate and allows our candidate to shine even brighter.

  5. I went to the Northern Candidate forum and I honestly think that Crawford thought it was a City Council forum. He said “city council” much more often than he said “school board”.

  6. And, it was at this forum that Crawford told us all about having to hit his young daughter.

  7. He also told us that his daughter threw a water balloon at a teacher.

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