Happy Election Day


UPDATE 9:36am….

Polls opened at 6:30am. We’re not aware of any irregularities or difficulties with this morning’s opening.

So far, I’ve hit the Adams Farm Community Church and the Gate City Baptist Church on the north side of Adams Farm. Voter turnout was brisk at both locations in the 7:30am-8:15am time frame. Met blogger Tony Wilkins at the Gate City Church location. Also met a Sandra Alexander campaign worker.

9am: Campaign volunteer working a poll in North High Point calls to say voter traffic is very heavy and he’s out of campaign fliers already. This is a good sign.

More later….



It’s been a long day.

Click here for up-to-the-minute election returns from GC Board of Elections.

We’re currently in last place, with a long way to go. The polls closed at 7:30pm.

We campaigned today in Adams Farm, Jamestown, High Point and North High Point. I personally worked eight polling places, and I had volunteers at four other polls.

Turnout was brisk and steady. The grass-roots support was unbelievable. The calls for change in our schools was phenomenal.

I’m leaving to head downtown to the Old County Courthouse at 9pm. I should be there around 9:20-9:30pm. I invite you all and I’ll see you there.

E.C. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Win or lose, Erik (and I voted for you), I hope you’ll keep this blog going strong. It has become the #1 source for education information in Guilford County.

    Over on the N&R’s Web site, both Allen Johnson and John Robinson express shock that Deena Hayes, Amos Quick and Walter Childs are opposing the school bonds, as if this was a new, last-minute development. But you’ve been talking about their position for weeks now – it’s hardly new news.

    This shows just how out of touch the N&R has become. Maybe it’s all those budget and staffing cuts.

    We need you to stay on top of the issues — hopefully, on the school board, but if not, as a community watchdog.

  2. JS,

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    Erik – I’m tuned in to the Board of Elections website and will be anxiously watching the returns come in – beginning in 17 minutes.

  3. Erik,

    Sometimes the one who most deserves to win doesn’t.

    You ran a great campaign and you should be proud!

  4. EC,

    Its seems like you didnt win. But as an old friend of mine said: sometimes you have to go backwards in life to go forward.

    Dont give up!

  5. EC, great effort in your campaigning. Hope you do better next time. See you soon.

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