More thank you’s

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I would be hard-pressed if I didn’t thank a few others:

1. I need to urgently thank the 10,000 teachers and staff of GCS, of which I feel made up the bulk of my support. Thank you for what you do each and everyday to serve the children of Guilford County.

2. I also need to thank the local news media for the positive and fair campaign coverage these last two years: Katisha Hayes at the Enterprise, Morgan and Amanda and Jennifer Fernandez and Doug Clark at the News & Record, Paul Clark and John Hammer at the Rhino Times, Ogi Overman at the Jamestown News, Sandra at the Northwest Observer, Gabriel at the Peacemaker and Jordan Green at YES! Weekly. You helped immensely in getting our message out. Thank you all.

3. I’m indebted to our local and very active blogging community. The support you have given me was immense. Thank you for embracing my message and for spreading the word. You all are truly the best, in every sense of the word.

4. One other person to mention is Matthew Tabor of Cooperstown, NY. Mr. Tabor runs an active education blog and was, too, a former local school board candidate not very long ago. Tabor has been here since the beginning and we share a number of common values related to public education. Thank you, Matthew, for being here and for contributing and for being on the side of children.


As I close, and take a day off from the blog here, there are a number of things to address once we get back up and start being GCS watchdogs again (hence, the new name of this blog: Guilford School Watch). We will need to address GCS Board member Amos Quick’s flip-flop, and his sudden cozy relationship with Deena Hayes. We will need to address Deena’s letter attacking the Bonds on “racial principles” and we will need to analyze all the numbers once the canvass is made.

All of this and more is coming in the next few days.

Thank you all again and may God truly bless you all.

E.C. 🙂


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  1. I think I can speak for many when I say that the pleasure has been all ours.

    You ran an ethical, principled and informed campaign – that’s really all an honest person can do. I’m glad that you’ll continue with your blog – it might even have a greater impact than direct Board service.

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