Amos, Deena and the Bonds” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. GCS Board member Amos Quick and I had a strange encounter on Election night. The one-term Board member, who is running for re-election unopposed in November, shared pleasantries with me upon my arrival at the Old County Courthouse to watch the final results. What happened next was kind of odd.

I asked him, jokingly, if I received his vote that morning. He hesitated, shrugged his shoulders, beat around the bush, then said reluctantly: “No, McKinney…McKinney got my vote.”

“Okay…oh well,” I said. We wished each other well and that concluded the encounter.

…so much for that cup of coffee he and I have been trying to have for the past few months.

But the other odd part was that he supported a candidate who was pro-Bonds, whereas a day earlier, he joined an unholy alliance with GCS Board member Deena Hayes and several Simkins PAC representatives in asking the public to oppose the bonds on racial reasons.

It didn’t work. Here are the unofficial Bond vote numbers:


with 164 of 164 Precincts counted (100.00%)

Votes Percent
YES 68,238 54.79%
NO 56,317 45.21%

The anti-bonds people suffered defeat. What’s also interesting is that in Deena Hayes’ own district, according to the News & Record’s Doug Clark: “The $412 million school bond package was supported by 57.9 percent* of voters in Hayes’ School Board District 8 — a stronger endorsement than countywide.”

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Naturally, this week’s events are bringing out those who would not mind seeing Hayes off the Board:

Deena Foe said:

To me, Deena Hayes should be charged with child neglect. She has neglected every single child in Guilford county but mostly those in her own district. She is on the SCHOOL board yet she never talks about EDUCATION. The schools in “her” district are failing the children that show up each day. Deena Hayes is a disgrace and should be recalled immediately. If she wants to talk about racial dilemmas in society that’s fine but the school board is NOT the place!


From the Chalkboard:

Stormy said:

“Opposing school bonds has been a civil rights strategy for a long time, and we’re employing it today,” Hayes said.”

It appears that Deena (and Walter and Amos?) views getting black contractors significant amounts of taxpayer money as the new civil rights movement. When he was sitting in the Birmingham jail, was Martin Luther King thinking about about how much school bond money he could get for black contractors when he said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere? Is this the “not too distant tomorrow that the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty” that he envisioned?

Is this what Ezell A. Blair Jr., David Richmond, Joseph McNeil, and Franklin McCain were thinking when they sat at a Woolworth lunch counter to launch a civil right movement? How much tax money can we get for black contractors?

“”We believe that it is imperative that this community hold this district accountable to our children and remove barriers to equitable access to a quality education,” Hayes said at a Monday news conference in front of the district’s central office.”

So, who does Deena Hayes think that “this district” is that should be held accountable by the community? Aren’t Deena, Walter, and Amos part of the district? Aren’t they part of the problem? Deena Hayes has the lowest performing high school in her district. What has she done to to remove barriers to equitable access to a quality education for those students. The graduation rate from Smith has been appalling: 2002 – 39.5%, 2003 – 49.5%, 2004 – 59.4%, 2005 – 45.2%, and 2006 – 34.3%.

Yes, Deena, it’s time that the Smith community hold you accountable to the children and remove barriers to their equitable access to a quality education. Perhaps, you should be more concerned about that than how much taxpayer money you can direct to black contractors.


This may be why she is a “disgrace”….look at this e-mail, obtained by the News & Record and posted on the N&R Chalkboard blog. Morgan calls it their “rationale” by Deena & Co. for their ‘oppostition’ to the Bonds (notice to all you future editors…at the very top of this e-mail, in the subject line, ‘opposition’ is spelled incorrectly).

The e-mail speaks for itself…this is your elected school board.

This may be why the Bonds passed, glowingly.

Allen Johnson, N&R:

I am (pleasantly) shocked and flabbergasted.

The school construction bonds passed.

The GTCC bonds passed.

The jail bonds passed.

The Eastern Guilford bonds passed.

This, despite opposition from a number of quarters in the county, including the Simkins PAC, three African American school board members, and a number of other candidates and elected officials.

In fact, according to unofficial results, the general school bonds even slightly outperformed bonds for the reconstruction of fire-ravaged Eastern High School.

The school bonds won 54.8 percent to 45.2 percent. The Eastern bonds won 53.94 percent to 46.06 percent.

Eastern was expected to pass fairly easily and the other school bonds not at all.

Go figure
Yep…go figure. Deena & Co. have no credibility…none.
UPDATE: The more I think about this, the angrier I get.
It should also be mentioned that just days earlier Amos was publicly slammed on the Chalkboard for his stance on the Bonds, and his flip-flop stance on busing.
An excerpt:

Amos Quick said:

Dear Anonymous and others with misinformation about my “no” vote on the bonds –

This is Amos Quick. The reasons I did not vote to support the bond proposals as presented were:

1) the initial price estimate for the “Airport area” High School was $80 million dollars – that was too much compared to other districts.

2) the bond did not do enough to address the renovation needs of schools throughout the district, rather than building new ones.

3) county commissioners initially pledged to rebuild Eastern Guilford High School using other methods, not a bond.

4) continued concerns about MWBE efforts.

Debates are a lot healthier when factual information is being debated. My phone number is (336) 235-0345 during the day and I welcome any calls with questions about GCS matters.

Thank you.


Anonymous said:


Here’s part of an article from the April 25th News & Record:

“School board member Amos Quick said he opposes the $412 million bond package because of the price, as well as the location of the projects. Quick said he would have liked to see more work done in poorer areas of the county.”

“We’ve been willing to redistrict those kids out of those communities and not put investment into those communities,” Quick said.”

Amos – you, too, have been more than willing to redistrict kids from their neighborhood schools.

Do you not practice what you preach?

And, if Dudley was getting another $40Million renovation, would you then support the bond?


Statman said:


A close friend of mine teaches at Andrews and he constantly complains about the lack of basic school supplies at the school. I know he has a hard time paying his own bills but I also know that he spends his own money on supplies and he recently bought a DVD player for his class.

Why have I NEVER heard you or other members ask for an investigation into why this happens? Why have you not asked for an action plan from the administration to resolve the issue? You are very quick to vote for these kids to be bussed away from their neighborhoods but I see little action from you to question some investment back into the communities that you reference.

I do believe that you are a good person and that you do favor neighborhood schools but I think you are too weak to withstand the special interests that are forcing you to vote the way they want the vote to go.

Its way past time to step up!


Amos Quick said:

Andrea –

Thanks for your post. And, no I do not suffer from Kerry-itis. The vote and discussion on the Welborn and Andrews attendance lines is only a small part of the larger topic of neighborhood schools. Please review also the vote from February, 2006 where the High Point Choice Plan was dismantled. Look also at the redistricting votes that were taken involving students in Greensboro.

Statman, I again refute that I have voted consistently to move students from their neighborhoods. That is against what I have wanted/experienced with my own daughter and is against what I philosophically believe in my core.

Thanks for telling me about the conditions at Andrews, I will most certainly ask that that is investigated and remedied ASAP. I, honestly did not know about it. But now that I do, I will see to it that we adress the concern.

Please also keep my numbers and email handy when you hear of needs in the future.


Let the record show, Mr. Quick, that supply shortages at Andrews (and other high-impact schools) ARE NOTHING NEW IN GCS. I’ve been preaching about this since this blog started in Dec. of 2006. Read the archives, Amos. This was a platform item in my campaign…where the heck have you been?
This is YOUR elected school board.
Because of the behavior of Amos and Deena and Walt and others aligned with them, my wife and I are actually glad the bonds passed. And when the final numbers came in Tuesday night, I witnessed Amos eating crow as he shook GCS Board chairman Alan Duncan’s hand in congratulations.
This is YOUR elected school board.
Amos, Deena & Co., do your damn jobs! Start putting our children first.
E.C. 🙂

4 Responses

  1. FYI – I did a short interview with Deena at


  2. Amos was told to vote for Mckinny. Its as simple as that.

  3. From the Rhino Times, September, 2007:

    Hayes has owned a house with John Greene, a construction manager from CoMor Corp. since 2000. Hayes is a well-known advocate for minority-owned firms to perform construction work for the schools. Every time CoMor is on the block to receive a new contract, Hayes lobbies very hard for black businesses and then she abstains from the final vote. She has never explained why she abstains. When the board voted to change the policy, there was a suspense as to whether Hayes was gong to abstain or not, but she wound up voting in favor of the policy with the rest of the board.

    Deena Hayes will not answer questions in regards to the president of CoMor. I have read she is married to the man. Records show that they own a house together.

    So we have a Black school board member who has a relationship with the president of a minority owned construction company on whose behalf she is lobbying. And no one is saying a word. Except the Rhino Times. The rest of the media in this town is just gutless.

    Deena Hayes should be called upon to answer questions about this blatant confict of interest.

  4. See
    for my coverage on that article.

    …and yet, I’m called a ‘radical.’

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