“School system wastes students’, teachers’ time”: News & Record

Interesting letter to the editor in today’s N&R:

In response to Jennifer Rogers’ assertion (letter, April 1) that our children don’t value their education, I couldn’t agree more. I disagree it’s because of changes in the school calendar.
The downfall of our education system began with merging our schools. Then (former Superintendent) Jerry Weast increased class sizes to idiotic proportions and dismissed teacher’s assistants. Throw in the EOGs and a school system that doesn’t educate our children but wastes their lives, and teachers spending six hours a day preparing for tests, and what have you got? Little robots that have no idea about history, science, social studies or quality time spent with a teacher who’s not overwhelmed and spending every waking moment worried about test scores.

Look no further than private schools, home-schooled children and home-school resource schools to see proof of what real education is. These students often have a shorter school year, only take a standard end-of-year test, and come from classes that often incorporate prayer with fewer than 25 peers. Yet, they excel in all areas of educational standards and are recruited by the best universities.

Wake up, parents. We will have more than we can answer for if we don’t do something about the joke we call our “school system.”

Jo-Ann Sarti Peck

She does make a subtantial point about the constant focus on testing, which is rapidly becoming a big negative in our classrooms. Something has got to change, or many of our children will become those little robots only being trained to bubble in the right dot in the shortest amount of time.

E.C. 🙂


One Response

  1. I could not agree more, with all of the time spent on testing, preparing for test, meeting AR goals, instead of simply teaching our children to read, it leaves littlle room for anything else, and then the question of should’nt these teachers be evaluated after a certain amount of years teaching to see if they still have the patience to teach. My daughter goes to a school where her teachers style of teaching is yelling and screaming all day long, my daughter is so scared of her, and I can tell that it is breaking her spirit. What are my options, she interogated my daughter last week because she was late for school, after I had walked her into the office and checked her in and she recieved a note from the office to allow her into class, her teacher drilled her about her late, ask her did she go to the Dr., then asked her Dr.s name, then told her too look her in the eye and tell her the truth, my daughter told her that “my mom signed me in as personal” the teacher did not stop there, she then asked her did she stay up late the night before, and then ask her did she oversleep and was that the reason she was late, my daughter finally so upset over the interogation just said yeah, we overslept, even though that is not what happened, so then her teacher told her not to ever lie to her again, and told her to go on into class. Really was all of that nessacery, should the note she had to get into class not enough? I feel this is another reason our children are not exceling in school, I also talked to the principal and she informed me the teacher had every right to do this, and that most of the time that children exaggerate the truth. Oh, by the way I left out the part that at the end of the conversation between my daughter and her teacher, her teacher told her to “lets just keep this conversation between me and you” In my opinion that was just an admission of guilt as to what she did was wrong. I should have known better than to go to the principle, they alway side with the teacher. So today I filed a letter of intent to open a homeschool for my daughter, I refuse to have the public school system break her spirit and take away from her innocence, that all comes soon enough. Thanks to anyone that took the time to read this. I am at my wits end.

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