Introducing San Diego “Sue”

…okay, “Sue” is not her real name, but I have just deputized an employee of the San Diego Unified School District.

She has become a regular here on GSW since the Grier-regime stormed into SD weeks ago. She is not happy with ole’ Terry. And she reports many of her colleagues are already displeased.

Thus, she will be sending in regular reports in-so-far-as the goings-on within SDUSD. Not to fret, I’ve already sent her the mother lode of background and links to get her and her colleagues started on the warpath.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I know what you’re going to say; Grier isn’t our problem anymore. But it sounds as though we need to begin sending those folks some “Get Grier Outta Here” signs.

San Diego-Sue writes: …Our local news anchor Rory Devine, NBC 7/39 (she tackles education big!) She’s interviewing him [Grier] this Saturday and I need facts! I did send her the links you sent to me as well as informed her of the “hush hush” hiring of 15 assistants to the 5 area assistants to the one Superintendent. Ay yi yi. Our teachers are LIVID to say the least. Laying off teachers went as far back as 8 year tenure. YIKES! Administration top heavy. Yes some of it is our Board, that we ignorantly voted in. Guess you never know.


We are in for a treat (- insert sarcasm here-). Well after he does his damage we can thank our board for yet another fine job.-again sarcasm-

You know I saw comments about race. I bet he’ll be happy to see that we here in San Diego have a good chunk of students that don’t speak English AT ALL.-sarcasm- AND we have students that live in Tijuana and cross the border everyday. While they do have the right to learn, they should also be citizens, and if they are not, we as tax payers should not have to pay for them.

Gotta gotta go now and look for a job that I can’t be bumped or laid off of… –again with the sarcasm-

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Sounds a lot like Alan Bersin we had a few years back… Politician, lawyer, hands in other peoples pockets! BARF! He killed our morale!

Oh yeah I forgot, he’s (Grier) asking our teachers to take a pay cut. I bet his $289K a year won’t be touched.


Our San Diego brethren need our support and prayers…and some grist for NBC-7/39’s Rory Devine. Forward your messages here, and I’ll make sure San Diego Sue gets them all.

E.C. 🙂


One Response

  1. Welcome Sue!

    Of course we all predicted that it would not take long for one of the citizens of San Diego to contact us. You see, this has been a long-running tradition with Terry Grier. In fact, many of us made friends with the kind folks from Tennesee when he was fired there and then came to Guilford County.

    There are many, many tales to tell! And, you know what – the theme is always the same. Different school districts, but same behavior.

    We always said that our gain was San Diego’s loss.

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