Analyzing the Vote

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It’s been nearly a week and it’s time…I’m ready to analyze the vote.

Last Tuesday, this coalition hit another milestone. With 8% of the vote and over 7,200 votes countywide, it shows that an ordinary citizen, who cares about children, can mount a countywide campaign and receive votes in every precinct in the county.

Click here for the Excel spreadsheet with the breakdown.

Here are some thoughts as I’ve now had the opportunity to ponder the numbers:

1. A big presidential primary. A big governors race.

Normally, the old north state doesn’t matter, but this time around, with a presidential contest still unresolved, our state managed to muster enough new voters to the polls. But it may have backfired.

Many of the new voters randomly chose a “good looking-good sounding name.” Many chose a female (Alexander). Many chose their presidential preference and then just stopped.

Many just plain failed to research the candidates. Many don’t have a stake in the school system so they just didn’t care.

All in all, it’s hard for local candidates to get substantial face-time when a big presidential primary, coupled with a big gubernatorial race looms. Thank God for the Rhino and others…since 2006, we had the media on our side, and I sincerely think that helped with some sort of name recognition. Even in precincts where we failed to campaign in, we received votes. That’s a blessing.

We did very well in North Jamestown and North High Point. We also had a good showing in Pleasant Garden. That too is a blessing.

2. We were outspent.

(pictured at left, YES! Weekly credit) Alexander and McKinney raised over $2,000 a piece. We raised just under $400. Hawkes raised slightly over $400. But this campaign was never about money and I have no complaints. It was about ideas on how to make our schools better.

3. The Crawford factor.

Some things can’t be explained. But it’s not easy to run a countywide race like this when five are on the ballot.

4. The Simkins/Roundtable factor.

Again, some things can’t be explained. The Simkins/Roundtable PACs endorsed McKinney. He finished a distant second. Anyone want to tackle that one? Simkins said vote ‘no’ on the Bonds…the Bonds won handedly.

5. A ‘radical’ platform.

I’m still reeling from GCS Board member Anita Sharpe’s comments about me being radical. I thought it was funny at first. I took it as a compliment, I still do. Then over the weekend, it really bothered me. It bothers me that if you’re concerned about the state of public education, and you have a child in the system, and you only want the best education for your child, your ideas to make improvements are called radical. I guess that makes me a rebel-rouser!

You would think I called for a return of corporal punishment the way Sharpe described me.” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I respect Anita Sharpe for the work she’s done on behalf of our children. But I respectfully disagree with her sentiments. She’s welcome to participate in this forum at anytime to explain herself, I’ll give her as much space as she wants. Or any other Board member. That’s how Guilford School Watch works.

Many have suggested a write-in effort for the Fall. I’ve thought about it, but the voters have spoken. To mount a write-in effort, even just to educate the voters on how to do it would be burdensome and cumbersome.

Many have asked that I think about 2010 (Dr. Routh’s seat). It is tempting; filing for that seat is two years away, almost to the day. But it is a long way away to make a decision. Let’s see how things go between now and then, and if I feel we can mount a successful effort (with the blessing of my family), we’ll try it again. But that’s a long way off.

For now, I’m going to enjoy doing GSW. This blog has an audience and has penetrated every corner of GCS, including many sitting board members. For the time being, we have enough power to influence those who make decisions on behalf of our children.

I will also be setting up a coffee-meeting or two with both McKinney and Alexander separately to talk about the November matchup. I’m preparing my questions as I speak (and trust, these questions will be tough). As soon as those meetings take place, the interviews will be posted here on GSW. Will an endorsement be made? It’s too early speculate at present.

But for now, and once again, thank you for allowing me to share with you my ‘radical’ vision of Guilford County Schools for the last several months. I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

E.C. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. EC, You’re so RAD!!!! 🙂

  2. Erik just remember each person you meet is a potential vote for you, I would be saying even today to vote for me in 2010, and I will be there at the polls helping you.

  3. also you might want to check out michael mckinney ‘s campaigh contributions. observations

    b & G creative strategies $90 and t & t lawncare $300 I thought only individuals can give not companies

    I also thought the new rule is that any conribution over $50 needs to fill out a form he has 5 that didn’t

    also did he make his own signs because he paid himself $2,398 twice , he might want to put the company he got the signs made at as a expense

    Just a few tidbits from his contributions.

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