Only 68% of NC H.S. Students Graduate: DPI

See this News 14 Carolina story on the state’s cohort graduation rate at around 68%. DPI says not to assume that the remaining 32% dropped out. “Our rate is not where we want it to be,” DPI Board Chairman Howard Lee said today.

GCS’s rate is even lower…at 63%.  


This is frightening, folks. This blog continues to write itself…

E.C. 🙂


Decentralization Comes at a Price

See this story from News 14 Carolina regarding the continuing efforts to decentralize CLT-Mecklenburg Schools into six regional learning communities. Approximately 135 jobs will be lost as a result of their central office being shrunk, at the same time, 110 new positions will be created. Again folks, it will pay to continue monitoring this developing story carefully. Many around Guilford Co. say that splitting GCS back into three separate systems may provide the biggest payoff and the better return on the dollar. I hold no sway one way or the other. What do you think?

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Parental Participation in Wake Co.

See this story from News 14 Carolina. Wake Co. is progressive enough to have a citizens advisory committee that consults their school board on facilities management and construction projects. They met yesterday to discuss how schools in the capitol county can be built cheaper. They will compile public statements and bring them to their school board as a whole.


GCS…take lessons.

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Kids Are Bored In School

Apparently, many of our high school children across America are bored in school, according to a new survey released today by Indiana University researchers. Click here to read the AP story. Many of these students feel either the courses are irrelevant or teachers don’t care about them, thus making them wanting to drop out.

See my previous post on the importance of having an educated workforce, especially in this area. If we are to have an educated workforce, then our schools need to be relevant. The “dumbing-down” of our children has got to stop.

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Educated Workforce Now!

N&R’s Doug Clark comments on his blog yesterday about the Las Vegas Market marking an official “bulls-eye” on the High Point Market. At the same time, the “Heart of the Triad” committee, the folks aiming to recreate a “research triangle Park” between GSO and W-S right through Kernersville, are meeting today to strategize.

With the potential hit of our furniture market coupled with the advent of a concentration of tech, biotech and transportation/logistics jobs on the horizon, it is now time to refocus and redouble our efforts to have an educated workforce. Quit talking about it and just do it.

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The “Loot”ery

I feel hoodwinked. Have you felt hoodwinked lately?

I actually supported the new NC state lottery. Yes, I was sold on the idea of lottery revenues for education. Now that I’ve seen the back-and-forth with lottery revenues contributing (or really, not contributing) to fund GCS construction projects and Gov. Easley doing the “Texas-two-step” flip-flop on reducing lottery revenues in favor of bigger payouts, I feel cheated.

So now it’s time to have a real dialogue on changing the funding formula for education in this state. And this dialogue needs to take place in Raleigh. Enough already with the politics and fund these schools the way they need to be funded. I called in to the “Brad & Britt” show yesterday (airs weekday mornings on FM Talk 101.1 WZTK) and they were discussing this very subject. I said that the entire state education funding formula (lootery or no lootery)  needs to be revamped now.

Skip is right…what happens if the proposed fall school bond makes it to the ballot but doesn’t pass? And there’s a very good chance that it won’t; Grier & Co. is not very popular these days.

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Welcome to this installment of “Grier-isms,” where we will feature and highlight the not-so-witty, half-cocked, and the just-plain-unreal and downright insensitive comments of our illustrious superintendent of schools, Terrence Grier.

You already saw the example of Grier’s comments made to Kiser Middle School principal Sharon McCants, telling her that she was inheriting a staff who doesn’t think that black children can learn.

Accusatory. Slanderous. Outrageous. Insulting. Borderline-racist.

Wait, there’s more. Today’s News & Record’s “Inside Scoop” in discussing CoCo Skip Alston’s message to Grier and Co. last week that if the proposed school bond makes it to the ballot and doesn’t pass, they should strongly consider certificates of participation. “Don’t leave it up to voters to fund your most dire construction projects,” he said.

He reminded them a second time. After reminding them a third time, Grier exclaimed, “We heard you.”

Not the tone and language I would be using if I was preparing to approach the CoCo’s for money (and budget time is at hand).

Add arrogant to the above list.

E.C. 🙂