Hammer’s flummoxed, Morgan’s scratching her head, Huey’s at peace

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John Hammer, Rhino Times:

…he [David Crawford] almost made it through the primary and received more than twice as many votes as Erik Huey, who is a former teacher and a legitimate candidate. Huey finished last with 7,292 votes. Crawford also beat another legitimate candidate, Alan Hawkes, who had 10,543 votes. It is baffling why so many people would vote for a candidate who was the only one in the race who, if elected, would not be able to do the job.

But then it is difficult to understand why more people voted for the $412 million school bond than for the $45 million bond to finish Eastern Guilford High School, and why the voters were so adamant that the bonds be paid for by raising property taxes.

This was an unusual election and I’m hoping that someone is going to be able to explain it.


Morgan Josey Glover, N&R:

I try not to make predictions to my editors about election results because I’m not that good at it. The at-large race somewhat threw me for a loop. I figured Michael McKinney would move on to November, but was surprised that Erik Huey did not crack the top three because of his long and strong online campaign. I didn’t count on David Crawford getting as many votes as he did.

However, after polling voters on Tuesday I realized there is not necessarily any rhyme or reason to the numbers. Many voters go on name recognition, regardless of the candidates stance on the issues. Some of the people I talked to said they could not even remember what at-large candidate they selected. And this was five minutes walking out the door.

One gentleman I interviewed said he picked Sandra Alexander because a campaign volunteer handed him a card with her name on it on his way into Eastern Middle School. Another woman said she voted for David Crawford because her husband told her to (she couldn’t remember why her husband was a supporter).

I talked to Michael McKinney last night and he said a woman voted for him because his name sounded right. Huh?


Let not your heart be troubled. Your humbled radical-rebel will analyze everything next week.

E.C. 🙂


6 Responses

  1. This ignorance is absolutely frightening. Voters do not know the school board candidates, so they pick one at random. People give more thought to whom they vote for American idol than the school board. The vast majority of people in the county couldn’t even name all of the present members of the school board, and even worse, do not care.

    If county voters realized that even if they do not have a child in school, what happens in the schools affects them as much or more as any other elected office. The majority of all property tax dollars go to the schools for operation or school construction (bonds), and they vote for a board candidate randomly and vote to increase their taxes and approve a $457 Million school bond which will be wasted by those very randomly-elected people. Only one word describes this – ignorance.

    As a voter, if you do not know the candidates and their positions, then the best course is not to vote for any of them. First, do no harm.

  2. Stormy,

    Here! Here!

    Excellent post and I agree with you100%.

  3. Erik,

    I wish that I could take the results of this election 1’2 as well as you have. I fear that come November, it will only bring Round 2 in another series of troubling election results.

  4. I think we need to wage a write-in campaign for the at-large school board race.

    Neither of the candidates running is any good – at least in my book.

  5. I can’t say the thought hasn’t crossed my mind briefly. But no one has ever been successful in a write-in effort…at least locally…or have they? Anyone want to take this bit of research on? Have at it. The voters have spoken and I respect their wishes. I was too radical. But I can’t say the thought of a write-in effort didn’t cross my mind, because it did.


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