Chicken Pox outbreak at Lincoln Academy

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From the N&R:

Approximately 17 cases of chickenpox have been reported at The Academy at Lincoln School in Greensboro, the county health department said today.

The first case of varicella occurred on April 22. The most recent case was Wednesday.

Public health and school officials have been working to contain and control the outbreak by speaking to parents and school staff and holding an evening vaccination clinic beyond the chickenpox vaccination appointments currently offered.

According to the Guilford County Department of Public Health, following steps can help spread the outbreak:

* People in high risk groups should seek medical care immediately if they are exposed to chickenpox. High risk groups are identified as people with weakened immune systems due to disease or medications; newborns whose mothers had chickenpox around the time of delivery; premature babies; and pregnant women.

* Check your children’s vaccination record to ensure they have immunizations for chickenpox, which requires two doses. Contact the health care provider or the public health department at 641-5563 in Greensboro or 845-7699 in High Point to make an appointment for the vaccination.

Vaccinations will be provided at no charge, although you’re asked to bring the child’s health insurance card or Medicaid card.

* People who cannot be vaccinated should be protected from exposure by avoiding those suspected of having chickenpox.

* Aspirin should never be given to children who are less than age 19 that have chickenpox because it can result in a potentially fatal disease called Reye Syndrome.

* Aspirin may be listed on the medicine label as acetylsalicylate, salicylate, acetylsalicylic acid, ASA or salicylic acid.

Chickenpox is an infection caused by the varicella virus, with most cases occurring in children up to age 10. You can catch chickenpox by coming in contact with the fluid from the blisters or breathing the air when an infected person speaks or coughs.

For more information about chickenpox, call the health department at 641-7777 or go online at


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  1. I used to go to lincoln while this was all happening… I actually did end up getting the chicken pocs… from one of my friends who had it. Not to saay that only one of my friends had it… three of them did, actually. Lincoln is a good school, they just… hung around to many diseased chickens 🙂 I’m joking. Well I just thought that I would share that with you! 🙂
    bye for now,
    Megan :)))

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