GCS 08-09 budget submitted

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Seems as though next year’s budget has something for everyone.

A modest raise for classified employees. Full restoration of the cultural arts coordinator position. Full restoration of arts/music time.


The board also voted to fund:

  • A $74,800 arts coordinator position by eliminating one of two early college academy directors;
  • The expansion or implementation of high school reform programs for $709,000;
  • A new reading program at middle schools for $475,000; and
  • The full-year operation of an evening high school currently at Smith High School for $533,067. This does not include costs associated with the board’s desire to expand to a second site.

The school board gave itself some wiggle room in the budget by projecting salary raises of state-paid teachers and classified workers at 8 percent and 4 percent, respectively.


Board members seemed to agree that upgrading all 2,000 of the district’s lowest-paid workers to the Triad’s “living wage” of $12.40 an hour would cost too much at $4.9 million. Instead, the board considered wage adjustments of 20 cents per hour for wages up to $12.40 per hour. The hourly range for most workers is $10.06 to $10.41 per hour.

“Many of these employees have to work two or three jobs,” [GCAE Mark] Jewell said.

The Board of Education wants a $15.8 million increase to $180.9 million from commissioners, mostly to pay the higher salaries. The district asked for the same increase last year. Commissioners approved $8.5 million. County Manager David McNeill will offer his budget message to the Board of Commissioners on May 22.

However, it seems unlikely that this budget will pass the “smell test” with the county commissioners. It does seem likely that this budget, like others over time, will be modified multiple times.

E.C. 🙂


6 Responses

  1. A new reading program at middle schools for $475,000;

    Another one?

  2. We’ve already lost them at the middle school level. This may be better spent at the elementary level.

  3. Middle School = 3 years of sleeping

  4. What happened to the old reading program?

  5. Shouldn’t kids already know how to read by the time they reach middle school? Is this a joke? If there are middle schoolers who cannot read they should be bussed over to their nearest elementary school and sit in with some 2nd graders. The cost of this program–FREE.

  6. Didn’t Terry Grier roll out of a big reading program a couple of years back? What was it called — Literacy First or something like that?

    Sounds like yet another example of Guilford County Schools trying one expensive new program after another, with no long-term planning or focus.

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